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Our Mission


Our mission at Little Angels is to create a safe, secure and nurturing community of parents, staff and students. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will build a child centered environment with engaging and developmentally appropriate experiences; helping to foster cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth and instill a love for learning.  We will encourage and promote ongoing communication, collaboration and trust throughout our school community to make a difference in the lives of our parents, staff and students.


​Our Staff

Director – Oversees daily operations in order to maintain a high quality environment. She continuously works with teachers to ensure enhanced health and safety features are implemented as well as our comprehensive curriculum and child assessments. The Director will also train and motivate staff to continue on the path of education even beyond their Lead Teacher Certification. Like all teachers, the Director is also responsible for obtaining 15 hours of in-service each year, as per the DCFS requirement. These in-services keep all staff up to date on current health, safety, and curriculum procedures.


Lead Teachers—Assume full-time responsibility for the smooth operation of their classrooms and for the welfare and education of each child in their care. They implement weekly lesson plans and child assessments and establish lasting bonds with the children and their families. Our lead teachers are chosen for their positive, nurturing disposition as well as their educational credentials.

Teacher Assistants—Offer invaluable support to lead teachers. Their supervisory assistance enables the teacher to give individual attention to children throughout the day. Assistants help the teacher prepare for daily lessons by cutting, gluing, copying and setting out materials for upcoming activities. They also lend a second set of hands during mealtimes, recess, and many other busy times during the day. 

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(773) 478 - 5555

Join Our Team!

  • Fun and rewarding work environment


  • Diverse and inclusive community


  • Competitive salary


  • Career Development



If you would like to be considered for a position please email or fax your resume to us



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